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A Split Network based Routing Approach in Wireless Sensor Network to Enhance Network Stability


Dinesh Arora and Hardeep Singh Saini*   Pages 1 - 8 ( 8 )


Background & Objective: The operating efficiency of a sensor network totally relies upon the energy that is consumed by the nodes to perform various tasks like data transmission etc. Thus, it becomes mandatory to consume the energy in an intelligent way so that the network can run for a long period. This paper proposed an energy efficient cluster head (CH) selection mechanism by considering the distance to base station (BS), distance to node and energy as major factors. The concept of volunteer node is also introduced with an objective to reduce the energy consumption of the CH to transmit data from source to BS. The role of the volunteer node is to transmit the data successfully from source to destination or BS.

Conclusion: The results are observed with respect to the Alive nodes, dead nodes and energy consumption of the network. The outcome of the proposed work proves that it outperforms the traditional mechanisms.


Cluster Head, Energy, Distance , Energy efficient wireless sensor network , Routing, volunteer node


Department of Electronics, Chandigarh Engineering College, Department of Electronics, Indo Global College of Engineering

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