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PAPR Reduction for FBMC-OQAM using P-PTS Method


Hemant Rathore and Arun Kumar*  


Filter bank, multi-carrier (FBMC) with offset quadrature amplitude modulation (O-QAM) is one of the most promising prospects for the next-generation mobile communication system. It is a multicarrier scheme. High Peak average power ratio (PAPR) is seen as unitary of the major problems in FBMC. FBMC cannot be utilized with conventional PAPR reduction techniques due to its overlapping arrangement. In this work, PAPR reduction technique centered on a double stage optimization arrangement termed pretreated partial transmit sequence (P-PTS) is implemented for O-QAM-FBMC system. The initial stage practices a several corresponding signals cooperative optimization method that the angle alteration series of the present signal is calculated and enhanced according to preceding overlapped signals. An efficient PTS scheme for PAPR reduction is put through in the second phase. Simulation results reveal that the performance of the proposed P-PTS technique is better than conventional PAPR reduction techniques with simple computations and the design complication can be traded off further compliantly with PAPR diminution.




Department of ECE, JECRC University, Jaipur, MIEEE, Department of ECE, JECRC University, Jaipur

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