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Trust Optimization for Byzantine Attacks in Cognitive Networks


Natasha Saini*, Nitin Pandey and Ajeet Pal Singh   Pages 1 - 7 ( 7 )


Background & Objective: Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) is an emerging technology that provides ability of adapting operating parameters to wireless devices in order to overcome spectrum scarcity problems. However, involvement of numerous pervasive smart wireless devices introduces many security threats in CRN. The research work specifically highlights the different kinds of attacks that occur in cognitive networks. The algorithm is designed which focuses on vulnerabilities that occur in any single or an individual node. The proposed algorithm will take many factors into consideration like integer programming, trust and Byzantine failure model. Though there are various security parameters especially the five major attributes like integrity, confidentiality, availability, authorization, access control and non-repudiation, which should be considered for developing any alogotithm.

Conclusion: Nevertheless, certain security parameters are kept into consideration, which are embedded into algorithm to make it of its unique kind.


Cognitive network, cognitive radio network, network security.


Amity Institute of Information &Technology, Noida, Amity Institute of Information &Technology, Noida, Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad

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