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A Detailed Survey and Comparative Study of Cooperative Caching Methods for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Devendra Jain *, Sanjay Sharma, Jitendra Singh and Shashank Yadav   Pages 1 - 17 ( 17 )


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) are networks that enable server and clients to impart without any settled foundation. MANET is a quickly developing region of research as it discovers use in different applications. In MANETs, network parceling and the fizzling of a mobile node because of weariness of their battery power can significantly diminish data accessibility. Data caching on the client is generally observed as a successful answer for enhancing data availability. Specifically, cooperative caching based on information sharing and coordination of cached data item among numerous clients is much time-consuming. Various cooperative caching plans have been proposed in the ongoing years. This paper examines the highlights for outlining a good cooperative cache management, and it overviews the current cooperative caching scheme. The paper likewise gives a correlation of the cooperative caching scheme and examines open doors for future research work.


Mobile Ad Hoc Network, Data Caching, Replication, Cooperative Caching, and cache replacement


SRM IST, CSE, Kila Road Ambah, Ambah, Dist. Morena, MANIT Bhopal, MCA, SRM IST, CSE, SRM IST, IT

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