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Proposed Simple System for Road Traffic Counting


Ahmad AA Alkhatib*, Adnan Hnaif and Tarek Kanan   Pages 1 - 9 ( 9 )


Background & Objective: Traffic congestion is a burning issue in most countries due to the rapid growth of running vehicles and infrastructures with limited capacity. Congestion can be solved with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and traffic management. Most traffic management measurement are aimed to improve the safety and flow of traffic, reduce traffic emissions and utilize traffic artery capacity more effectively. This paper proposes a new system to collect the required data for traffic management such as, number of vehicles, time and lane location information; using a cheap infrared sensors and timers. Conclusion: The proposed method can take the length of the vehicle into account of traffic statistics by measuring the car speed.


Road Traffic Management, Traffic optimization, Vehicles counting, Traffic Congestion, Traffic efficiency, Infrared Sensors, intelligent traffic management.


Alzaytoonah university of Jordan, Alzaytoonah university of Jordan, Alzaytoonah university of Jordan

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