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Comparative Cluster Based Mobile Routing Approach for Energy Efficiency in Optimization of Node location in WSNs


Sanjay Kumar Sahani* and Raghav Yadav   Pages 1 - 10 ( 10 )


Background & Objective: The Energy efficiency in optimization of node sensor location is considered as a design on comparatively cluster based mobile routing approach (CCBMRA) likewise circle coverage and elliptical coverage. Location of boundary has deployment with CCBMRA distribution of anchor node and un-anchor node or static sensor node. This proposed method has applied for distributed by anchor node positioned to measurements of employing received signal strength. So it is important for intermediate processing phase to achieved accurate positioning of SSN (static sensor node). Moreover, ASN (anchor sensor node) transmitted signal accurate computational and energy efficiency in optimization through reduces the number of cost factor, time and utilization of anchor node location. The research has established algorithm and simulation experimental based mobile node localisation routing approached. Conclusion: The experimental has achieved higher localisation precision in less nodes. This paper suggests algorithm based on CCBMRA.


wireless sensor network, positioning, Optimization, received signal strength.


Dept. of Computer Science and Information Technology, SHIATS, UP, Dept. of Computer Science and Information Technology, SHIATS, UP

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