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Security Analysis of Wireless Authentication Protocols


Ashish Joshi* and Amar Kumar Mohapatra   Pages 1 - 6 ( 6 )


Background & Objective: Cryptographic protocols had been evident method for ensuring con dentiality, Integrity and authentication in various digital communication systems. However the validation and analysis of such cryptographic protocols was limited to usage of formal mathematical models until few years back.In this paper, various popular cryptographic protocols have been studied. Some of these protocols (PAP, CHAP, and EAP) achieve security goals in peer to peer communication while others (RADIUS, DIAMETER and Kerberos) can work in multiparty environment. These protocols were validated and analysed over two popular security validation and analysis tools AVISPA and Scyther. The protocols were written according to their documentation using the HLPSL and SPDL for analysis over AVISPA and Scyther respectively. The results of these tools were analysed to nd the possible attack an each protocol. Afterwards The execution time analysis of the protocols were done by repeating the experiment for multiple iterations over the command line versions of these tools.As the literature review suggested, this research also validates that using password based protocols (PAP) is faster in terms of execution time as compared to other methods, Usage of nonces tackles the replay attack and DIAMETER is secure than RADIUS. Results and Conclusion: The results also showed us that DIAMETER is faster than RADIUS. Though Kerberos protocol was found to safe, the results tell us that it is compromisable under particular circumstances.


AVISPA, Scyther, Protocol validation, wireless authentication



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