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Structural-parametric Model of Electroelastic Actuator for Mechatronics Devices of Communications Systems

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 3 ]


Sergey M. Afonin*   Pages 232 - 237 ( 6 )


Background & Objective: In the general form for the equation of the electroelasticity the generalized structural-parametric model and the generalized matrix transfer function of the electroelastic actuator with the output parameters displacements are determined from the solutions of the wave equation with using the Laplace transform. The parametric structural schematic diagram and the transfer functions of the electroelastic actuator are obtained for calculation of the mechatronics devices of communications systems. The structural-parametric model of the piezoactuator for the transverse, longitudinal, shift piezoelectric effects is constructed. The dynamic and static characteristics of the piezoactuator with the output parameter displacement are obtained.


Electroelastic actuator, piezoactuator, mechatronic systems, structural-parametric model, parametric structural schematic diagram, deformation, transfer functions.


Department of Intellectual Technical Systems, National Research University of Electronic Technology MIET, Moscow

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