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Design of a Hybrid Technology by Converging WiMAX and DSRC for Intelligent Transportation System

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 1 ]


Arghya Guchhait*, Debdatta Kandar and B Maji   Pages 33 - 38 ( 6 )


Background: DSRC communication has been established exclusively for vehicular communication within a short distance. Hence it has a limitation considering present road taffic scenario. In this research work, authors have explored the scope of using WiMAX combined with DSRC as a hybrid platform after reviewing the recent advanced research towards this. Significantly the combined hybrid on-board system in the vehicle enables the short range and long range range communication as well for vehicular communication using a single communication platform. The concept is also proved through the simulation results.

Method: We have explicitly reviewed the DSRC and WiMAX system architectured. We designed our hybrid system parameters to support both the technologies, simulated it and analysed the performance with simulated results.

Results: Rigorous efferot has been made with various parameters to understand the performances during simulations. It has been observed that the system performs well with WiMAX communication to communnicate road side unit (RSU) over a reasonable distance than the DSRC technology with significantly low bit error rate (BER) than DSRC communication. Hence a hybrid DSRC- WiMAX car On Board Unit (OBU) gives the best performances through a single platform.

Conclusion: Though the DSRC communication proves it’s efficiency in short distance communication like car to surrounding other cars for broadcasting the emergency alert informartion. In this context, a DSRC WiMAX based hybrid technlogy On Board(OBU) in the car will enable the all round performance of vehicular communication needs.




Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Surendra Institute of Engineering & Management, Dagapur, Siliguri, PIN-734003, Department of IT, North East Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya, Electronics & Communication Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur

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